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22 Feb 2024

Unveiling NJ’s Energy Rebate Program for Lighting Retrofits & HVACR Upgrades

Unveiling NJ’s Energy Rebate Program for Lighting Retrofits & HVACR Upgrades

New Jersey continues to roll out an innovative Energy Rebate Program tailored specifically for lighting retrofits and HVAC upgrades. Businesses can benefit from substantial rebates while making the switch to energy-efficient solutions.

Lighting retrofits involve upgrading existing lighting systems to more energy-efficient alternatives, such as LED technology. These retrofits not only enhance illumination but also significantly reduce energy consumption, lowering utility bills and environmental footprints.

Some Key Features of the NJ Energy Rebate Program for Lighting Retrofits:

    • Financial Incentives: There are generous financial incentives for those opting for lighting retrofits. Businesses can qualify for rebates that offset a significant portion of the upfront costs associated with upgrading to energy-efficient lighting.
    • Eligibility Criteria: To participate, lighting retrofit projects must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the state. These criteria often focus on the type of lighting technology being adopted, energy savings achieved, and other relevant factors.
    • Streamlined Application Process: Applicants can work in collaboration with their contractors, who are typically well-versed in the application requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient submission process.
    • Custom Incentives: The program accommodates various projects, tailoring incentives to suit specific needs.
    • Maximizing Energy Savings: By adopting more energy-efficient lighting technologies, businesses can enjoy reduced electricity consumption, resulting in long-term cost savings and a positive environmental impact.

Some Key Features of the NJ Energy Rebate Program for HVACR Upgrades:

    • Generous Rebates: The Energy Rebate Program extends its financial incentives to HVAC upgrades, recognizing the significant impact these systems have on energy consumption. Whether it’s a commercial or residential HVAC upgrade, participants can qualify for rebates that help offset the initial costs of adopting more energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.
    • Energy Savings and Environmental Impact: Upgrading HVAC systems not only leads to financial benefits but also contributes to energy savings and a reduced environmental footprint. The program encourages participants to choose high-efficiency HVAC units, promoting long-term sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By encompassing both lighting retrofits and HVAC upgrades, the Energy Rebate Program adopts a holistic approach to energy efficiency. Participants can address multiple aspects of their energy consumption, creating a more comprehensive and impactful strategy for reducing their carbon footprint.

As a Trade Ally Partner of the NJ Energy Rebate Program, TSM specializes in guiding businesses through the HVAC & lighting retrofit process, offering consultations, handling the application process, and ensuring seamless installations. Their expertise extends to both Commercial & Residential HVAC and Commercial Lighting upgrades, maximizing the benefits of the rebate program for their clients.

24 Aug 2023

Energy Saving Programs in NJ with thousands in rebates and incentives.

There are many energy-efficient equipment upgrades that qualify for the energy saving programs currently offered in NJ.  You can receive thousands in rebates and incentives with a simple application process which your contactor can submit for you. 

Some eligible projects include but are not limited to HVAC Systems, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Motors, Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Sensors, Lighting Controls, Compressors & Energy Management, Heat Recovery Ventilator, Process Improvements, Stack Economizers and many more.  

There are various programs and funding options available across many categories including Repayment Plans and Fast Track Approvals for eligible projects. Under the On Bill Repayment (OBR) plan, if qualified, you save the upfront cost with no interest spread over a five-year period, with payment billed on your monthly PSE&G bill.

Trade ally partners of PSE&G will provide you with a consultation on taking advantage of these programs. Your contactor should process all the application paperwork on your behalf as well. You can read about all the eligible incentives here in the Prescriptive & Custom Incentive Guide which includes various LED Lighting, HVAC, Water Heater, Gas Heater, Food Service Equipment, Various Appliance and other custom projects. 

Tech Services Mechanical, located in Matawan, NJ is a Trade Ally Partner of PSE&G and part of the Small Business Direct Install Program (SBDI) of PSE&G which offers even greater incentives. TSM will provide you with a consultation on taking advantage of many energy-saving rebate offers currently available in NJ. TSM will also consult, process the application and install any upgrade required. You can reach the Matawan office at 732-441-9700.

26 May 2016

Summer Jobs in South Plainfield NJ

Tech Services Security is hiring summer jobs! Are you a motivated people person looking to make money this summer?  We have the perfect opportunity for college students to gain career-changing experience while earning a great income this summer. Click here to see our ad and apply!



06 May 2016

Fire Inspection Report in Real Time

Replace Fire Inspection Paper-Reporting with accurate web-based technology.fireinspectionbuilding

Do away with paper reporting which often results in missing or misinformation. Instead, change to a seamless system that you can rely on.
-Real Time Reporting – know exactly what’s getting inspected during inspection.
-Status of inspection
-Inventory by Device, Category, Manufacturer Recalls, Installation Date
-Precise Location of each device
-Date and Time of last inspection.
-Authorize repairs in one click.

Download our BUILDING REPORTS information sheet here.

09 Feb 2016

Irem 2016

Calling all Property Owners and Managers!

Please join us next week at the IREM 2016 Tri-State Conference & Expo on February 18 & 19, 2016 at The Borgata Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ. Attend the education sessions, then stop by our table to enjoy giveaways, snacks and enter our raffle to win a prize!  See details here and register.Web

03 Feb 2016

Access Control Gate System

Secure high risk areas of your commercial property with an access control gate system.  See the before and after pictures here of a turnstile installation for the entrance and exit of a distribution center.  This client will now be able to reduce risk of theft and intrusion, reduce liability and most importantly, keep their employees safe!  Click photo to enlarge.



06 Oct 2015

MABFM 2015 Invitation

Please visit Tech Services at the Facility Maintenance Show!  Register by October 27 and get a free lunch during the show!

MABFM 2015 at booth 418
MABFM 2015 at booth 418
09 Sep 2015

Electrician in NJ

21 May 2015

Lighting Solutions

Many benefits come with lighting solutions that include LED retrofits. Increased efficiency, brighter work environment and more productive employees are just a few reasons to consider upgrading.  The following 30 second clip demonstrates the recent work done on the custom design and installation of LED and Fluorescent lighting in a large warehouse.


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