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14 Apr 2015

FREE Lighting Retrofit Assessment

Our LED experts are now conducting lighting assessments.  Sign up for a free lighting assessment and we’ll supply all available rebate information. Click the image to learn more.Lighting Retrofit Flyer

30 Mar 2015

Video Surveillance NJ Slideshow

Effective Video Surveillance Systems are those that are designed to capture and prevent events. This slideshow demonstrates surveillance shots of strategically placed IP cameras on interior and perimeter high risk areas of various locations in NJ.

10 Mar 2015

Security Companies in NJ that do it all

How many security companies in NJ do you know that offers a fully integrated security solution which addresses every building’s security requirements?  Often times you have a contractor that handles the installation of a system or the monitoring, but doesn’t provide the necessary testing and inspections that should follow.  The ideal security provider would handle every security need you have, from installation to monitoring and maintenance to inspections.  Your security contractor should be able to offer all of these things and actually follow through to accomplish them:

-Fire Protection Systemssecurity services
-Sprinkler & Detection Systems
-Integrated Security Systems
-Alarm Monitoring
-Fire Inspection & Alarm Testing
-Maintenance & Repairs
-Access Control Technologies
-Video Surveillance
-Theft Intrusion Systems
-UL Installations, Systems and Monitoring

Eliminate the hassle and frustration that comes along with contracting out the various security services for your building.  Hire a contractor that has the knowledge and experience across all services and one that can integrate and streamline your security program.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make one phone call to one company and know that everything will get done? That’s the assurance you’ll have when you hire Tech Services Security to handle all of your security needs.

26 Feb 2015

Design Build Services That You Will Love

What’s not to love about a contractor that can custom design build AND maintain facility interior systems?  Many providers can at least design and build but there aren’t many that will maintain your system too.  Here are 6 benefits to working with a turnkey provider on your next electrical or mechanical project.Designbuildservices-contracting

  1. Single Point of Responsibility – Streamlining communications prevents misunderstanding and delays.
  2. Improved Project Quality – Strong accountability and management breeds high quality work.
  3. Earlier knowledge of Guaranteed costs – Predetermined costs and scope of work allows for less surprises or disputes along the way.
  4. Cost Savings – Added value in the integration of design and construction processes.
  5. Time Savings – Changes or disputes occur less frequently and longer lead-times can be identified and planned for early on.
  6. Improved Risk Management- Contractor is responsible for scope gaps or inconsistencies.

Rather than outsource the different phases of a major project with various contractors, consider streamlining the project with one that has the experience to provide you with a turnkey solution. From the architectural design with custom solutions to the build, installation and maintenance, you’ll benefit with efficiency, time savings and minimal exposure to risk.

Contact Tech Services of NJ for more information on the outsourcing solution.

05 Feb 2015

Facility Services Outsourcing and 5 Ways to do it.

Your budget is tight or getting cut. Your staff is taking the leave they’re entitled to. Your most experienced technicians are due to retire soon. And you struggle to find qualified candidates to hire. How will you handle the most difficult staffing challenges in 2015 and years to come? Tech-Services-NJ-On-Site-Facility-Maintenance

Facility Services Outsourcing can be your answer and here are several different ways to consider:

  1. Outsource a technician that can be assigned to your department permanently.  Bringing in an outside contractor can benefit you with expertise in a particular field that may not be found in-house.
  2. Outsource a technician during peak times only.  You can hire the tech you need for one week, 4 weeks, or 3 months. You decide.
  3. Outsource a multi-skilled technician so they can aid across various departments.
  4. Outsource a technician in a specialized field with cross industry exposure. An outside contractor brings you experience from various industries and can adapt quickly to a new work environment.
  5. Outsource specialty services like electrical inspections, infrared testing, energy analysis and others.

Tech Services can provide you with one or more of our skilled technicians whether they are permanently onsite, during peak seasons, or for special projects.  Our tech’s broad range of industry experience will benefit you with expertise not always found in-house.   We provide skilled tradesmen to clients all over NJ, many of which are permanently assigned to perform preventative maintenance and repair services on a daily basis.

14 Jan 2015

Irem Tri-State Conference & Expo 2015

Irem Tri State Conference & Expo 2015Irem Tri-State Conference & Expo February 19, 2015

Calling all property managers, real estate professionals, owners and the like.  The Irem Tri-state Conference & Expo is accepting registrations now.  Attend some education sessions in all things real estate, then stop by the Tech Services table for the latest in facility and security services. We’re also giving away gifts, snacks and a raffle for a big prize!  Book your reservations now while there is availability.

07 Jan 2015

Top 6 Things to Look For in Security Providers

Good security providers do exist and to find them, look for these 6 things when choosing yours.Top 6 Things in Security Providers

1.  Good CUSTOMER SERVICE is probably the most important thing you need from security providers. Without it, everything can fall apart.

2.  You should TRUST that your building’s security is in the most professional hands.  Look for certifications like UL listed, NICET certified, and be sure they are 100% knowledgeable in local, state, and national code laws.

3RESPONSE should be within minutes of your call. Security providers should be available, professional and follow through with every issue or request you have.

4COMPETENCE is critical.  Your provider should have a good depth of knowledge in security technologies and applications.

5.  Look for a security contractor with over a decade of EXPERIENCE and more in managing and assuring quality control. They should have a proven history of success in building security and safety solutions.

6.  PRICE should be reasonable. Compare quotes to be sure the pricing is fair and affordable compared to others with the same service offerings.

It may be difficult to find a security contractor that holds all of these qualities but they do exist. One of them is right here in New Jersey and ready to serve you. Tech Services Security can proudly say that CUSTOMER SERVICE has and always will be our #1 focus.  Our depth of knowledge, our fast response times, our 30 years of experience, our proven record in safety, our certifications and our fair pricing are all things we are proud of.

12 Dec 2014

Small Business Mobile Security System Sale

Tech Services Security is offering a Small Business Mobile Security System Special, now and into 2015. Upgrade to an interactive Mobile Security System from only $34.95 per month. Arm disarm with your mobile device and many other features!  Get our offer here and be ready for 2015!  Small Business Mobile Security System Sale

27 Oct 2014

Security Systems for small businesses

Tech Services Security is offering a cost reduction on security systems for small businesses. To take over your burglar and/or fire alarm monitoring we’ll offer 10% off your current monthly fees and ZERO cost takeover fees. AND we’ll give you better service small business security systems couponthan our competitors. Guaranteed.


17 Oct 2014

2014 Loss Prevention Conference

Join Tech Services Security during the 2014 Loss Prevention Conference on October 28. Learn about topics concerning current security issues in the industry. Then stop by the Tech Services Security booth and meet with our experts on fire & life safety solutions, access control technologies, video surveillance trends and so much more.

2014 NJFC Loss Prevention Conference



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