Unveiling NJ’s Energy Rebate Program for Lighting Retrofits & HVACR Upgrades

Unveiling NJ’s Energy Rebate Program for Lighting Retrofits & HVACR Upgrades New Jersey continues to roll out an innovative Energy Rebate Program tailored specifically for lighting retrofits and HVAC upgrades. Businesses can benefit from substantial rebates while making the switch to energy-efficient solutions. Lighting retrofits involve upgrading existing lighting systems to more energy-efficient alternatives, such […]

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Energy Saving Programs in NJ with thousands in rebates and incentives.

There are many energy-efficient equipment upgrades that qualify for the energy saving programs currently offered in NJ.  You can receive thousands in rebates and incentives with a simple application process which your contactor can submit for you.  Some eligible projects include but are not limited to HVAC Systems, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Motors, Lighting Retrofits, Lighting […]

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Cannabis Facility Security in NJ
Cannabis is a developing industry in NJ and one that will generate a huge amount of revenue. Of course, you’ll need to protect your business from theft, damage, and loss but you must also be in strict compliance with NJ state code for cannabis facility security. NJ Code (17:30-9.10*) requires every cannabis business to have [...]
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Tech Services Acquires Second HVAC Company in NJ

Tech Services Acquires Second HVAC Company in NJ South Plainfield September 12, 2022 – Tech Services of NJ, a facility services company offering electrical, security and mechanical needs of companies in NJ, PA and NY, announced today the acquisition of HVACR company R.A.C.H.S of Sayreville, NJ. “This acquisition is another significant addition to our existing HVACR company, Tech Services Mechanical, LLC.” […]

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NJ Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program
NJ has a new program that benefits all business owners and property managers. “It Pay$ to Plug In” provides grants to offset the cost of purchasing electric vehicle charging stations. The program is designed to expand New Jersey’s growing network of electric vehicle infrastructure, allowing residents, businesses, and government agencies to purchase and drive electric [...]
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Emergency Radio Coverage Building Codes in New Jersey
Whether you own or manage a private or public building, new International Fire Code (IFC) requires an additional crucial protection in their building security. Emergency responders depend on reliable two-way communications during an emergency; however, many large buildings have reduced signal strength because of things like underground structures or specific building materials. 100% radio coverage [...]
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Fire Alarm Installation for NJ Windowless Basement Law

The “Windowless Basement Law” is currently being strictly enforced in New Jersey cities. Depending on the size of your windowless basement there are two fire suppression options to be aware of. If your space is under 3,000 sq. ft: “Windowless basements not exceeding 3,000 square feet in area shall be exempt from this automatic suppression […]

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Press Release
 Press Release Tech Services Acquires Renowned HVAC Company in NJ, adding significant offerings to current mechanical division. South Plainfield July 8, 2021–Tech Services of NJ, a facility services company is possessing over 30 years of experience serving the electrical, security, and mechanical needs of companies throughout NJ, Eastern PA, and Southern NY, announced today [...]
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