Preventative Maintenance now, save later.

Preventative Maintenance now, save later.

A simple preventative maintenance plan now, can save you bundles later. Be proactive and avoid costly emergencies that can halt business operations! Make sure your building stays warm, dry and safe throughout the upcoming season.

Here is a handy preventative maintenance checklist of items you can be doing to prepare your building or property for winter:

  • PM outside lighting in preparation for early nightfall
  • HVAC PM – transition equipment from cooling to heating
  • PM gates and gate operators
  • Access control equipment and outdoor camera check
  • PM loading dock doors and door seals
  • Window and door check for gaps, cracks and damaged weather stripping
  • Roof check for rips, tears, lose connections at sidewalls and flashing.
  • Outdoor sprinkler shut off and purge eliminating the risk of freezing.


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