10 Jul 2014

Data Center Safety Check List

Are you doing all of these things?

No matter your company’s size, protecting your IT investment should be a top priority given all the environmental factors that could potentially harm it. Power outages, too much current, over-heating, humidty, smoke, and unauthorized persons gaining access. These are just a few factors that can go undetected without a proper maintenance and security program and can lead to costly damage to your operation.

Check data center safety check list to to make sure your data center is ready:

  • Prevent electrical failures with batteries, UPS, and generators
  • Ensure cooling system with air conditioning and proper ventilation
  • Install proper power switching equipment such as circuit breakers, ATS or PDU
  • Run periodic infrared scanning
  • Access Control System with IP Cameras
  • Door sensors
  • Temperature and water sensors placed throughout the center
  • User friendly security management system & Alarm monitoring
  • Fire alarm system, smoke detection and monitoring

As an Emerson Network Power Partner, Tech Services is a certified expert in power and cooling solutions for data centers and other critical infrastructures.  Call today and learn more. 877.756.9800

25 Jun 2014

Power System Reliability

Preview of a case study on power system reliability:

A client’s aging power distribution system was a silent risk and in danger of failure.  Tech Services identified the deteriorated condition during onsite preventative maintenance inspections.

We designed a replacement system and executed the entire project with minimal downtime.  The new power distribution system benefits the client with a reliable and efficient system as well as assurance that all design and safety standards were met with consideration for the customer’s future needs.

Don’t wait to find out if your power distribution system is at risk for failure. You’ll risk losing thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands in revenue for every day your operation is down.

Photos represent before and after transformer replacement.
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03 Jun 2014

Installation of an Industrial Generator

Tech Services installs an industrial generator as the back up power source.  Video shows three phases to the project in time-lapse.