Facility Services Outsourcing and 5 Ways to do it.

Facility Services Outsourcing and 5 Ways to do it.

Your budget is tight or getting cut. Your staff is taking the leave they’re entitled to. Your most experienced technicians are due to retire soon. And you struggle to find qualified candidates to hire. How will you handle the most difficult staffing challenges in 2015 and years to come? Tech-Services-NJ-On-Site-Facility-Maintenance

Facility Services Outsourcing can be your answer and here are several different ways to consider:

  1. Outsource a technician that can be assigned to your department permanently.  Bringing in an outside contractor can benefit you with expertise in a particular field that may not be found in-house.
  2. Outsource a technician during peak times only.  You can hire the tech you need for one week, 4 weeks, or 3 months. You decide.
  3. Outsource a multi-skilled technician so they can aid across various departments.
  4. Outsource a technician in a specialized field with cross industry exposure. An outside contractor brings you experience from various industries and can adapt quickly to a new work environment.
  5. Outsource specialty services like electrical inspections, infrared testing, energy analysis and others.

Tech Services can provide you with one or more of our skilled technicians whether they are permanently onsite, during peak seasons, or for special projects.  Our tech’s broad range of industry experience will benefit you with expertise not always found in-house.   We provide skilled tradesmen to clients all over NJ, many of which are permanently assigned to perform preventative maintenance and repair services on a daily basis.


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