Data Center Safety Check List

Data Center Safety Check List

Are you doing all of these things?

No matter your company’s size, protecting your IT investment should be a top priority given all the environmental factors that could potentially harm it. Power outages, too much current, over-heating, humidty, smoke, and unauthorized persons gaining access. These are just a few factors that can go undetected without a proper maintenance and security program and can lead to costly damage to your operation.

Check data center safety check list to to make sure your data center is ready:

  • Prevent electrical failures with batteries, UPS, and generators
  • Ensure cooling system with air conditioning and proper ventilation
  • Install proper power switching equipment such as circuit breakers, ATS or PDU
  • Run periodic infrared scanning
  • Access Control System with IP Cameras
  • Door sensors
  • Temperature and water sensors placed throughout the center
  • User friendly security management system & Alarm monitoring
  • Fire alarm system, smoke detection and monitoring

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